Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Texas Visit

So I got to go home to Texas again this year but this time I was meeting a new niece named Eden. She was so cute!! My girls and I loved to hold her and play with her. Lily especially loved holding her and feeding her. This time around while visiting we just stayed in Houston. We were able to go to the children's museum downtown as well as the aquarium. We also went to Galveston and were able to go to our favorite ice cream place La King's the tastiest ice cream ever! It was the first Easter that my girls have not been in Utah but they still had fun as they got to have an egg hunt with other cousins although Brooklyn also found some fire ants which was not too fun thankfully she only got bit once! It was as always a fun and great trip. I was so glad to get the break form work and enjoy being with family!

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