Monday, April 28, 2008

My Birthday

Yeah it was my birthday today. I am now 26 years old. Paul took me to Texas Roadhouse to celebrate. He told our waitress that it was my birthday so I got to sit on a saddle and they did a big Texas "YEEEHAW" it was fun. Lily gave me a manicure yesterday for my birthday as well and I gave her one back. She did a pretty good job for being two. It has been a good and relaxing day. I hope all my future birthdays can be as nice and relaxing.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Windy hair

On this beautiful day today I decided to drive with the windows down in the car. It felt wonderful. As I was driving though from the back seat Lily all of a sudden says "mommy your hair is windy and now it's blowing away and falling out. " She then pauses and says" you better close the window before all of your hair blows and falls out." It was really funny I am glad that Lily is looking out for her mommy and making sure that my hair doesn't all blow away and fall out!! It is a good day though so I hope everyone enjoys this spring weather:)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Family Pictures

First as I start off this post I have to give credit to my twin Chandra for taking alot of the pictures that are posted from Texas especially the ones from the beach and the ones in the bluebonnets. Chandra loves photography and on the side she likes to take family portraits. She has also done engagement ones and wedding ones for friends and families in her ward. She does a good job so while we were in Texas Paul and I had her do our family portraits. These are some of my favorite ones. Here is the slide show of the rest of them.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Houston Zoo

Well it is better late than never to finish posting from our trip to Texas. We went and visited the Houston Zoo on Tuesday. I had never actually been there before even though I lived in Texas for several years. It is a pretty nice zoo and it is pretty large and they are in the process of expanding it. My parents got a kick out of how much Lily loved the zoo and how she was most enthusiastic about the monkey and reptile exhibit. My dad was laughing really hard when Lily was bouncing up and down and cheering in the reptile exhibit whenever she found another snake to look at. He asked us why she likes snakes so much and we told him we are not sure why but we are interested to see if she continues to like them. Lily also had a fun time at lunch feeding the birds that were hanging around it was pretty funny because while her and Paul left their seats to go feed the birds another bird came over to the table and pecked at Lily's food that she left. It was beautiful weather and Brooklyn even manged to stay awake for most of the zoo visit. She seemed to enjoy looking around at everything around her. Though her cousin Alex at the same time manged to sleep for most of the time at the zoo. It is okay I think my twin Chandra still enjoyed it as she had a lot of fun with Lily. Here are some pictures hope you enjoy.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!

These are some of the pictures from the Kemah Boardwalk as you can see Lily had a great time in the fountain. Brooklyn enjoyed the day as well.

Alex's Blessing

Today I was thrilled to be in Texas for my nephew Alex's blessing. It was wonderful to see his dad Joey bless him. Paul, my dad, and Joey's friends Brother Fry and Brother Barnes were in the circle with him. It was a very nice blessing. Joey was nervous but he made it through and blessed Alex that he would be strong member that he would search for the truth in and through the scriptures. he also blessed him that he would be a strong member of the church and that when it came time he would do the things required of him and choose to be baptized. Chandra was a very proud mother and was excited that he was able to wear our nephew, Duncan's tuxedo. It has been a very good day and Alex is very cute. He and Brooklyn like one another and like to be doing the same thing at the same time. If one is eating then the other one starts to eat, it is the same for sleeping or being awake. It has been fun to watch the two of them.


On Friday morning we left for San Antonio and Sea World. We got to Sea World around 1:00 p.m. and we went straight to see some of the shows. We saw the Beluga and Dolphins show called Viva. We also saw the Shamu show and the Ski show. Lily's favorites were the Viva show and the Shamu show. She doesn't say Shamu though she calls him Shampu. It's pretty funny. She also loved Dolphin Cove though she was little frustrated that she couldn't quite reach far enough to pet a dolphin. When we were at the Shamu show at first we were sitting higher up so that we didn't get splashed and so Lily turned to me and said she wanted to be splashed so we moved down and the next time Shamu came around we got splashed. She thought it was funny until about the third time and then she started to cry so we went back up and sat by grandpa and Aunt Chandra. She was just amazed by all of the different things we saw. I am really glad that we went because it was so much fun to see her excitement over everything.

Kemah Boardwalk

Well on Thursday we went to the Kemah boardwalk. It is a little place that has some rides, some stores, restaurants, and some activities for family and kids. Lily had a blast as she found the outside fountain that is there for kids and adults to run through and get sprayed. She thought that was really cool, though we finally had to pull her away from it. While we were there we took her into Stingray Reef and she got to pet a manta ray. It was a fun day. s

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Beach

A little after we took the pictures in the Bluebonnets we went down to Galveston Beach. The weather was really nice it was about 75 degrees and by the ocean there was a cool breeze. Lily had a blast. She dug in the sand and swam in the ocean. She even buried her Uncle Joey's legs in the sand and built a sand tower with a moat around it with her Dad and Uncle. It was so much fun to watch her. She chased the birds around she ran in and out of the water. She looked for seashells and cleaned them. She also would pick up pieces of driftwood and clean them off in the ocean. Her favorite thing though was to race her Daddy into the water and then swim with him. It was a great day and Lily was so exhausted that on the ride home she fell asleep. Here are some pictures from it though.


Well we made it safely to Texas. Yeah I get to visit with my family. Though when we got in last night Lily was a little scared because she did not recognize the house or my parents so she cried a little and asked her dad to stay in her room with her for a little while. He did and she fell asleep. Today though she has opened up and enjoyed talking to Grandpa Bill and Uncle Joey. We also went and got some pictures in the Bluebonnets today with the three kids, Alex, Brooklyn, and Lily. It was fun and we really enjoyed it even though Brooklyn did not want to cooperate.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Oh that Lily!!

Today when we left to go over to grandma's house to watch conference. Lily is in the car and
we have the following conversation
Lily says " I love grandma"
Paul says " Oh that's good why do you love grandma?"
Lily says "Because Jesus is little"
Paul's response " Okay"
Lily says " Jesus loves grandma cause he knows her"
Paul says "Yep he loves and knows all of us"
Lily responds with " Yep he loves you, me, and Brooklyn"
Paul laughs as he notes she left out that Jesus loves mommy :0
Then Lily ended by laughing and saying "He loves all of us"
It was a fun conversation and it helped me realize that Lily knows and understands somethings better than I realize even if she says it in a funny or weird way.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Lily and McKenna

Lily and McKenna are best friends and cousins. Some good words to describe these two when they play together are mess makers and mischievous. Just about every Sunday at Paul's parents house these two girls get together and have a blast! They run around, play house, read books, and are usually loud doing it. They sure can make us laugh and keep us entertained. For example, tonight they both climbed in grandma's little laundry basket and watched the movie that was on. They even posed and said "Cheese" for the picture. You never quite now what these two will do and come up with when they are together but it is fun that they like each other so much. I am sure their will future posts of these two goofy girls:)