Sunday, August 17, 2008

Paul's Birthday!!

Well in all of the shuffle this past week we also celebrated Paul's 28th birthday!! It was a little underdone this year because of my dad' visit but he did get an Iceberg shake and Present from me on his actual birthday the cake and more presents came for him today at his parent's house. he got Spirited Away, Castle in the Sky, and howl's moving castle. he also got some spending money. I think he enjoyed his birthday but to really know one would have to ask them himself to see if they got the same response as me!:)

Front Runner

Well on Saturday Paul, Lily, Brooklyn and Myself went on Frontrunner for the first time we rode it with my dad and Uncle Steve. Lily was very excited to just ride Trax when we got off of that and got onto Frontrunner we went on the second level and she sat down and looked out the window and said "wow are we on an airplane?" It was really cute she really enjoyed the ride on Frontrunner and I enjoyed it as well It is very smooth ride and the seats are comfortable and they even have a bathroom on the train. It was nice to look out at the different scenery around us. Here are some of the pictures :).

An eventful week!!

Well my dad got into town last Sunday. It was so great to see him we had dinner on that Sunday and it was just good to see him and visit with him:) Well the next three days he was too busy with his class but I talked to him on the phone. Thursday night we had dinner at our house and then we went downtown to Temple square and we went on the roof of the conference center it had an amazing view! then we walked around the grounds of temple square and down to The Gateway. It was a nice evening. The next day I got to spend the afternoon with my dad. We went to lunch and then to the D. I. where my dad and I found some good books to buy even Lily found herself some books:0 Well then we went and got Paul and we met my uncle Steve and Aunt Terry and Uncle Wally and Aunt Dixie and my Aunt Leslie and her boyfriend Jeff for dinner. They were all glad to see my dad and we had a nice time visiting and catching up with one another. Well on Saturday we had a barbecue and swim party at my Uncle Steve's house. that was alot of fun and very relaxing. Lily had a blast with her cousin Serena. My dad enjoyed spending time with Brooklyn and watching Lily swim. We ended the night by relaxing at our house and watching some of the Olympics.