Thursday, December 30, 2010

Disney land!

As one can tell I have not been on here as much as I would like! But I think this post is better late than never! So we surprised the girls in November with a trip to Disney land. We had told the girls we were going on a trip but Lily thought we were going to Las Vegas and then when we got Las Vegas we pulled over and told Lily! She was so funny she paused and then said are you kidding and then got really giddy. It was so cute!

Lily tried all of the coasters and Brooklyn was sad that she could not go on them! They both loved meeting the characters and seeing the decorations for Christmas!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

End of summer!!

So for the last few days of our summer we went on a few more hikes one of which was to Secret Lake it was a lot of fun a little cold towards the end and really pretty. we also ended up going to the zoo again which is always a perennial favorite for the kids. One of my favorite things we did was go to the county fair. the kids have never really been to a fair before and it's been awhile since i have been to one. It was so much fun and the kids really enjoyed petting the animals. They also got to watch a pig race which the pig they picked lost since it had a false start and didn't stop:) The kids also got to ride on the merry go round and a strawberry ride which they really enjoyed while Paul and I enjoyed a turn on the Ferris wheel! this was a really fun summer and I look froward to the fall!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Donut falls

So Paul and I have been trying to get the girls outside more so we have tried to take them a few hikes. One of the hikes we went on was Donut falls. It was alot of fun and Brooklyn loved being outside but she was driving her daddy a little crazy since she wanted to step on every rock and there were a lot of rocks!:)

summer fun!

So we have had a pretty busy summer so far. We have gone to wheeler farm, this is the place, the zoo a couple of times, numerous parks, a few play dates with friends, swimming a couple of times, and we have made it to a few baseball games as well. This would be why I don't have too many posts so far this summer but here are some pictures from the different things we have done! oh we have also gone camping a few times as well!

So it was really fun at This is the place the girls got to dig for gold go on a train ride and they each got their first pony ride. Which Lily loved and Brooklyn liked until the pony started to move and she started to slide off the saddle so the worker got over there to straighten her up and she just grabbed hold of him and got herself off the horse! Karson went crazy and got put in a straight jacket! It was great day!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So what do you think?

So for Cinco de Mayo this year Paul and a few of his friends decided to have a cinco de mustache contest this is the result of Paul's mustache. i didn't really like just the mustache so Paul didn't keep it for very long but what do you think?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wow Five!

So I have a five year old now it's official. Lily turned five on May 21st and she had a swimming party and loved it. Also right before her birthday she graduated from preschool and is ready to move on to kindergarten in the fall.

I can't believe I will have one in school! Crazy!! She is so much fun though she likes to talk about her pretty hair and how she is a big girl and she knows her letters. She also finally knows that her parents are married. A few months back some people in our old ward thought Paul and I had just gotten married because that is what Lily told them!! It was quite funny and the couple were embarrassed that they didn't know that we had been married for almost seven years! here are some pictures from her birthday!!

So our friend Steve with the funny face in the picture above made Lily's cake for her she was very excited when she saw it. It turned out great and it was just the right amount of cake for the guests.

So these following pictures are from the family party and our gang of PIRATES!! Love the costumes aren't they all so cute!!

Things are definitely getting busier around our house!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

wow i've been busy

So I haven't gotten pictures or posts up in awhile part of that is i have no Internet at my old place and another part of that is that I have been working full time. so here is a catch up of sorts.

We celebrated her second birthday in January with a few friends and family. Brooklyn loved both cakes that she got but like playing with her friends the most. She is in the terrible twos though most of the time she is till fine though her favorite thing to do right now is to copy and do anything her bib sis does which does not always work out very well. like last week when she was playing on the top bunk with lily and fell out because of trying to copy what lily had done. i am happy to say though that she is okay and did not break anything! One of her other favorite things to do is to hang out with papa aka grandpa. She loves the time she gets to spend with him especially now that they get to spend some of it outdoors!

Well what can i say Lily is still a goofball though she will tell you that you are! She is also loving school and has made a couple of friends though her best friend is Jake and she likes to play house with him and they have even held hands! She likes learning her letters but does not like practicing them at home :) Lily also loves to talk and she has a very creative imagination which she uses to make up and tell stories. She likes to draw aliens and she likes to try and tell her sister what to do. She is so fun though and she learns things even though we have questioned if she listens. Like the other day she was telling that she knew what temple she wanted to be married in so i asked her which one and she said Salt Lake temple because it is the prettiest. So then i asked her what it meant to be married in the temple and she said it means you always get to be with your family and that when you get married that boy joins your family forever. it was very cute and i am glad to hear that she enjoys church and is learning about principles at the same time!

Has started back at school and is loving his English class he is taking. He is getting a little down time as his hours at work have lessened due to them being a little slow from the economic situation. Though i know he is antsy for warmer weather so he can go paint balling with some of his friends. He is also spending what time he can with Lily and Brooklyn as well as me. We even made to a temple session the other week. :) it was really nice.

I am still pretty busy at work as i have been doing pretty close to forty hours a week there. when i am not working i am trying to enjoy time with my family and when i get downtime i try to read a good book or watch a good movie or hang out with friends! Though i did forget to mention that Paul and i sold our condo we close on the thirtieth of this month and we have moved in with my very nice in laws. thanks by the way for the use of your basement! We plan to use this time to save and get a very badly needed second car as well as save to get a new place to live! It will be bonus to get out of some of our current debt or make it smaller! I am looking forward to my vacation in April when we are going to go visit my family in Texas!