Sunday, November 15, 2009


This year my kids got their costumes from my mom. Lily got a pretty blue velvet dress to be a princess and Brooklyn got a lady bug outfit and a ballerina costume which she got to wear both. Lily wore her dress many times as she thought is was beautiful and Brooklyn even got to wear both as they went to a party at my work and she wore the ballerina one and Halloween night due to colder weather she wore the lady bug one. I am biased though because I think she looked really cute in both of them. Lily was ecstatic this year as she got a Halloween party at school, the one at my work and the real Halloween. She loved trick or treating especially since she got to go with her cousins Kelsie, Kaden, Mckenna , and Kyler. Brooklyn was just excited once she realized it was candy that she was getting in her bag and then she proceeded to eat some as she was finishing her trick or treating.! It was a very nice Halloween and I am glad that my girls enjoyed it!