Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ah Three year olds!!

Things my three year old has done in less than a week. Put a crayon in the dryer with a load of laundry and the clothes came out with splotches of pink on them. Next day got a hold of my lip gloss and decorated her whole face and hair with it. Then two days later took a pair of scissors and cut her hair. It is amazing all a three year old can do in a short span of time! here is a picture of her with her real haircut that we went and got after. The long part of her hair covers the fact that underneath it is really short! So just won't have all of her up for hairdo's for awhile!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Patch.....!

So we took the girls to Wheeler farm this year to pick out pumpkins. Although they also got to enjoy a wagon /hay ride and a maze. It was alot of fun and they spent quite a bit of time in the maze. Grandma and Grandpa got in on the fun of the maze and wagon ride as well as our friend Miki. I believe her Miki's favorite was playing in the maze. Brooklyn really enjoyed getting to pick a pumpkin and probably picked up at least eight different ones before deciding. Lily pretty much settled on her pumpkin about two or three ones in. I have to say my favorite was the wagon ride and getting to see the lights they put out around the farm. Both girls really loved the wagon ride. It was as good and fun night out I think we will return to Wheeler farm next October.

The girls and their pumpkins!

Fun In the maze!

I'm not in the family anymore!

So the funniest comment of this month was from Brooklyn after trying on her mermaid costume at the beginning of the month. We were driving in the car the day after the costume try on and Brooklyn says to us "I am not in the family anymore." So we ask her why? and she responds " Because I am a mermaid now!" Very funny and she was serious so she got mad when Paul and I started laughing.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


So summer was pretty busy with activities, fun and for me work. We went camping a few times, hit he zoo a few times, went to this is the place park, went swimming alot, hit seven peaks park a few times, had a few barbeques, and some birthday parties. We also got a visit from my twin and her family which was a blast and we go to take her camping and to the zoo and this is the place!. I loved it and it it was one of the few times I got to spend time some quality time with my family and be away from work.

Lily's Dance Recital

This is a little late but I think its better late than never. So this was Lily's first official dance recital with her new dance company. She was so excited although she did not like getting her hair pinned up and back nor the hairspray to keep all of her hair down. She did love getting to wear makeup though! In the end she looked beautiful and very grown up. She did good job in her performance especially since she was the youngest in the class by almost about a year.Lily we are so proud of you! We look forward to seeing you dance more in the future!

Texas Visit

So I got to go home to Texas again this year but this time I was meeting a new niece named Eden. She was so cute!! My girls and I loved to hold her and play with her. Lily especially loved holding her and feeding her. This time around while visiting we just stayed in Houston. We were able to go to the children's museum downtown as well as the aquarium. We also went to Galveston and were able to go to our favorite ice cream place La King's the tastiest ice cream ever! It was the first Easter that my girls have not been in Utah but they still had fun as they got to have an egg hunt with other cousins although Brooklyn also found some fire ants which was not too fun thankfully she only got bit once! It was as always a fun and great trip. I was so glad to get the break form work and enjoy being with family!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ah instacare!

So I had my first major incidence with Lily this past week. It was right after bath time and I was getting the girls ready for bed, we had turned some music on to dance and I turned back around and lily had decided to try to climb up the side of her bunk bed that did not have the ladder and lost her balance and fell backwards and hit her head on the bookshelf/toy shelf in their room and I quickly realized that she had cut open the back of her head so I got her upstairs and got pressure on the wound and asked my father in law to watch Brooklyn as Paul was at a meeting. That is that first time in my visits to instacare where I have not had to wait in the lobby. I walked in and they asked what had happened and once they heard she had hit her head they sent me straight back. She did not have a big cut/gash but it was deep so she had to get two staples! She liked the warming blankets they gave her ( she was going into shock and her body temp had fallen so the nurse gave her two warming blankets) She was really good though and was explaining to the nurse how she got her "injury" Paul met us over there with Brooklyn bearing a gift of a yo yo which Lily was happy to play with while waiting for her head to get numb enough for the staples to get put in! She got her staples out today a week later and is determined to not get another head injury as she refers to it! She did keep her staples so she can show her classmates as well as she wants me to do a scrapbook page for her!