Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ah instacare!

So I had my first major incidence with Lily this past week. It was right after bath time and I was getting the girls ready for bed, we had turned some music on to dance and I turned back around and lily had decided to try to climb up the side of her bunk bed that did not have the ladder and lost her balance and fell backwards and hit her head on the bookshelf/toy shelf in their room and I quickly realized that she had cut open the back of her head so I got her upstairs and got pressure on the wound and asked my father in law to watch Brooklyn as Paul was at a meeting. That is that first time in my visits to instacare where I have not had to wait in the lobby. I walked in and they asked what had happened and once they heard she had hit her head they sent me straight back. She did not have a big cut/gash but it was deep so she had to get two staples! She liked the warming blankets they gave her ( she was going into shock and her body temp had fallen so the nurse gave her two warming blankets) She was really good though and was explaining to the nurse how she got her "injury" Paul met us over there with Brooklyn bearing a gift of a yo yo which Lily was happy to play with while waiting for her head to get numb enough for the staples to get put in! She got her staples out today a week later and is determined to not get another head injury as she refers to it! She did keep her staples so she can show her classmates as well as she wants me to do a scrapbook page for her!


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Liz said...

First off, I can't believe how big Lily is! And second, poor girl. I'm sure that was so painful. Owen had to get staples in his head once and I cried almost as much as he did.

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