Thursday, July 31, 2008

"If you will call your troubles experiences, and remember that every experience develops some latent force within you, you will grow vigorous and happy, however adverse your circumstances may seem to be.” John Heywood

This post is more for me today and many of you may not understand it but that is okay because that is what a blog is for is to share feelings. Wow I have been thinking about alot of things as of lately and although this started back in July I am finishing it up in August. I have been thinking alot about family and relationships and time. These thoughts have come up as around the first week of August I got a phone call one night from my sister telling me that something was wrong with our dad and if I knew what hotel he was staying in on his business trip in Indiana. I didn't and this is when the worry and stress started to set in. I decided I needed to be proactive and do something to help so I went over to my friends house to use their internet to find the number for the missionaries so that when my dad was found that they could give him a blessing. Well then I ended up staying over as I came up with the idea for the police to track where he was at with his cell phone well they got the name of the street he was on but not an exact location so next ensued a conversation with my dad where he sounded very confused and disoriented to ask him where he was at. We got some landmarks from him and my friend started to plug them into google to track down his location, after many keystrokes and street views we were able to find out for sure where he was at and I called my mom with the information to pass onto the police and they ended up finding him about one or two miles away for that location and the paramedics came and discovered that his blood sugar had crashed down to 45 and they were amazed that he was not in a diabetic coma. It was a long night but thankfully it had a good ending. I appreciate my friends so much for the use of their time, help and internet on that long night. When my dad finally talked to his doctor, his doctor said that he believed it happened from to much medication as my dad has lost weight and his doctor has been adjusting his medication to try and keep up. So everything is good with my dad now. I am just so grateful because I do not want to lose my dad or my mom though if for someone reason I do i am just glad to have anytime and all time that I can with them. yeah for this because my dad will be on the 10th of august. I like the quote that I started this post with and that is what I am trying to do with the troubles that come. So another update will come later:)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Mommies and daddies!

I just had to share what Lily said when we were watching The Spoken Word on Sunday. She was looking at the screen when they panned out and showed the men and she said "Look mommy there are all of the daddies" I just laughed and continued watching. Well a little after that they panned out and showed the women and Lily said " There are all of the mommies" and then she noticed their necklaces and said " Oh mommy they have sparkly necklaces on and they are pretty" It was just really cute and it reminded me of the statement that Kids say the darnest things!!!!

Pioneer Day!

Well my day started out busy and stayed busy. I went to work from 9 -12 where we got slammed with over a hundred kids but I made it through and it was fun. After I got off though I got to relax and retreat to my Uncle Steve's house and his pool. It was a lot of fun and it was nice to spend time with some of my dad's family. Paul is a big hit with my cousin's kids they were all very excited to see him walk in and they had a blast playing games with him in the pool. I have to say my favorite part was getting to eat one of my uncle's burgers they are very good. Well when we left my Uncle's we went over to Paul's Aunt Kristine's house where we continued to enjoy good food and good company. We had to duck out on the fireworks though because Brooklyn was not feeling well as she is teething. overall it was great day and I was exhausted by the end of it. I am very thankful for the pioneers and the wonderful legacy they left us!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

July 4th

Well another fourth of July has gone bye and once again I am very grateful to live in this country. I talked to my parents and sister through phone calls and I really enjoyed being with the family that is here in Utah. It was a good day I went to work for a little bit and then Paul and I went to my Uncle Steve's house it was so much fun he barbecued and we went swimming Brooklyn even went in the little inflatable pool though only her feet got to go in. she enjoyed and Lily had a blast. I really enjoyed getting to see my dad's family that I do not see much it was nice catching up with them. We stayed there until about six and then left for Marlene's house that was great as well to visit with alot of Paul's family and to celebrate our niece's second birthday! The fireworks show was amazing and I loved the music they played especially Proud to be an American and God Bless America. Brooklyn loved the fireworks she just seemed amazed by them Lily like to watch the fireworks but she did not like the sound and noise from the fireworks!

Brooklyn Update

So my little one is starting to be not so little. Brooklyn is almost six months old now. She can hold her own bottle and she eats solids now. We have only given her veggies and cereal. She love squash, sweet potatoes, and carrots. Though she is starting to like the green veggies more. She has also started to get some teeth she has three that are beginning to poke out form the gums though none of them have totally broken through yet! She loves to make noises and has even figured out how to blow raspberries! She loves when you talk to her and will almost always smile. She can roll over form her back to her tummy and vice versa though she prefers to be on her back or hr side. When she is on her tummy she has started to try and figure out how to move her self she can get her legs moving but not her arms yet. She is so fun to watch. She loves being in her exersaucer and loves to grab at toys or anything in front of her! It will be alot of fun to watch the next few weeks!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lily Update

 So these are just some of the items that have been going on with Lily the past few months. First off I have to say Yeah!! Lily is now potty trained. She started back in about April. She does pretty  well  though every now and then she does have an accident. Though she has stayed dry overnight since she started potty training which is great! Lily has also embraced being a big sister She loves to talk to Brooklyn and bring her toys and she likes to help out as much as she can. Her favorite thing to help with right now is helping to feed Brooklyn she wants to hold the bottle or try to feed her with a spoon. Lily also loves to be as independent as possible most of the time. If she is tired then she likes to have help otherwise she likes to try to get things out and do them for herself. Some of her favorite things to do is to read books, color and go for walks. She also likes to try out her trike and she loves to visit the park. This summer she has visited the aquarium and she has gone swimming at my uncle's. She has also played miniature golf up at Cherry Hills and in a few weeks we will going to Lagoon for our stake lagoon day. Near the end of the summer we hope to get Lily in for swimming lessons and have her start up preschool! That is where Lily is at. 

The Princess

So Lily is very fun to watch right now as she is getting into pretend play. The past couple of mornings when she wakes up she goes directly downstairs and she gets her crown and princess wand and walks around playing princess. She always hands Brooklyn one toy and tells her she is a princess too!! It is very cute!!