Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Patch.....!

So we took the girls to Wheeler farm this year to pick out pumpkins. Although they also got to enjoy a wagon /hay ride and a maze. It was alot of fun and they spent quite a bit of time in the maze. Grandma and Grandpa got in on the fun of the maze and wagon ride as well as our friend Miki. I believe her Miki's favorite was playing in the maze. Brooklyn really enjoyed getting to pick a pumpkin and probably picked up at least eight different ones before deciding. Lily pretty much settled on her pumpkin about two or three ones in. I have to say my favorite was the wagon ride and getting to see the lights they put out around the farm. Both girls really loved the wagon ride. It was as good and fun night out I think we will return to Wheeler farm next October.

The girls and their pumpkins!

Fun In the maze!

I'm not in the family anymore!

So the funniest comment of this month was from Brooklyn after trying on her mermaid costume at the beginning of the month. We were driving in the car the day after the costume try on and Brooklyn says to us "I am not in the family anymore." So we ask her why? and she responds " Because I am a mermaid now!" Very funny and she was serious so she got mad when Paul and I started laughing.