Sunday, July 19, 2009

St. George and the Fourth

This Fourth of July Paul and I were able to go down to St.George and visit with our grandparents. It was a very good weekend. Paul and I got to celebrate our niece's third birthday with swimming and a party on Saturday. The swimming was a favorite of everyone especially Brooklyn she loved the water and tried to get in by herself. I enjoyed getting to visit with Grandpa and Grandma Teran. It was fun to get to have them see how the girls have grown and interact with one another. That night we went and saw fireworks at the park by the college. Lily loved the colors and sparkles of the fireworks but didn't really like how loud they were. Brooklyn though really enjoyed them she was chilling side by side with her dad. The fourth was a fun filled day. On Sunday we took the girls to the St. George Temple Visitor's Center and grounds. Brooklyn just enjoyed being outside and Lily enjoyed all of the flowers and she liked the water fountain as well. We were also able to go and take a tour of the Brigham Young winter home. I had never really seen it except the outside. it was pretty interesting I enjoyed taking the tour and next time we go down we are going to see another pioneer home. Here are some pictures from our visit though.