Thursday, December 10, 2009

Brooklyn! :)

So Brooklyn has finally decided to talk more and it is so cute. She loves to say "bankie" for blankie, "mikey" for uncle Mike, "bapa" or "bamba" for grandpa. It is alot of fun she will also say please, thank you, done, down , eat, drink, and night night to name a few!! Brooklyn still loves to climb into and hide in the cupboards. She no longer likes to sit in a highchair or a booster seat she prefers to sit right up at the table like everyone else! :)She loves to carry around dolls and play with trains! She is very excited about all of the Christmas lights though when she saw Santa she was excited at first and ran over towards him and then when she got close she turned around and rant he other way. She also cried and reached out for her daddy when we tried to get her to sit on Santa's lap! her favorite food is probably yogurt and cheeseburgers.Her favorite treat is anything sweet just like her dad and her mom!! She also pretty much likes to do or have whatever her big sister lily has or is doing! In the end I think Brooklyn's favorite words are "no mine" She is fun and I am enjoying watching her and Lily grow up!!

Festival of trees!

So this year Paul, Lily, Brooklyn and my in laws all got to go to the festival of trees together. It was pretty packed which is a good thing since it raises money for a worthy charity the Primary Children's medical center. As always they had some amazing and beautiful trees. In the smaller trees lily loved the princess ones though Paul enjoyed a Christmas orange one and I really just enjoyed all of them. In the bigger tree category there were some amazing ones like an all star wars one and some very pretty red ones in favor of the Utes!! There were also some bear ones and john Deere ones and some Grinch ones, which Lily absolutely loved!It was a very enjoyable time and Brooklyn got so tuckered out that she fell asleep! I highly recommend that all of you who didn't get to check it out this year check it out next year!


So this thanksgiving year was a mix of work and relaxation for me! I worked in the morning to early afternoon and then relaxed the rest of the day~! Thanksgiving was great and I am definitely grateful for many things:
My supportive loving husband
My adorable yet crazy kids
My job that helps pay the bills
My house even though its pretty messy right now
My family and all of their support
The gospel as it is my saving grace!!
There are many other things I am grateful but these are the highlights! I am also grateful for all of the amazing cooking that the other women did on Thanksgiving day! Thank you so much it was very yummy!