Thursday, February 19, 2009

Uncoventional Valentines Day

So Paul and I definitely did not do or have a normal Valentines Day! I stayed at home in the morning and did a bunch of laundry and cleaned my house which made me very happy. while I was doing this Paul was at our friend's house working on car that has had a few problems lately. Through the past month he has changed the strut on the drivers side, and then the bearing and hub on the drivers side as well. He finished up with replacing the bearings and hub on the passengers side. He know has the strut left on the passengers side to do but we are waiting for warmer weather and some time to save money for the rest of the parts to do this change. Anyways that night when he got home I got to go to work until 8:00 and then we picked up my grandma and went to eat out at Olympus Burgers. it is was some good food.In the end although my Valentines was not a traditional one I enjoyed it. Besides Paul and I figure we will do an actual date some other time maybe this Saturday!! Oh I did get a very good gift I got a box of chocolate covered strawberries from Edible Arrangements!!
Very Very Yummy!! Thanks Honey I love you!!

Brooklyn's Surgery

So for those of you who don't know Brooklyn had to have surgery for an inguinal hernia. She had it about two and a half weeks ago. The surgery went well and she recovered fairly quickly though about two days later she caught a virus and was sick for the next week and now she has been teething and has a slight cold. She just can't seem to catch a break, though she is a trooper most of the time you can't even tell she is sick except for when she starts to get tired or hungry :) The day of the surgery Lily was really cute she was very worried for Brooklyn and when they took her back to do the surgery Lily asked us why we were letting him(the Dr.) take Brooklyn because Brooklyn was our baby and no one elses so he couldn't take her. We explained that the Dr. was going to take her and make her better and then we would get her back. That calmed Lily down and then she was okay. The other update on Brooklyn is that she is a happy and curious baby. she loves to take things or items out of the container or basket etc. and then put them back in. She loves to follow me or Paul around and gets sad if we don't pay attention to her when we pass her:) She is not walking on her own yet though! Which is nice because it is alittle easier to watch her with crawling:)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

25 random things!

So I am doing this because I have been tagged now by to family members. If I tag you it's because I want to know more about you!

1. I have a twin sister her name is Chandra and I am one minute older than her.
2. My twins baby Alex and my baby are two months apart mine is the older one :0
3. I love to read books all kinds I like when friends recommend new authors to me.
4. I like to travel but haven't gotten to go very many places
5. I would love to go to Hawaii and England one day
6. I love to talk I am definitely a people person
7. I am a night owl and not a morning person :)
8. I graduated with a Bachelors in Marriage, Family, and Human development
9. I rarely ever argue with people unless it's my husband he seems to bring it out in me :0
10. I have only lived in two states Utah and Texas
11. I am scared of spiders I absolutely dislike them!!
12. I like to scrapbook and learn how to new things, that is when I have the time to learn new things!
13. I think I am a boring person that no one likes
14. I want to learn to speak fluent Spanish
15. I don't really like to cook and usually don't have to since my husband does like to cook.
16. I do like to eat, I love Chinese food and Italian food
17. I like to watch movies though I don't go to them very often
18. I love to have time to myself to do things like read, scrapbook or swim
19. I love the ocean and wish I lived closer to one
20. I really enjoy the outdoors and my goal is to hike more this summer
21. I don't like to run but I do like to swim
22. I want to get better at taking pictures of my family and friends
23. I have a hard time making lists like these :)
24. I don't really like to wear much jewelry though I am starting to like the beaded necklaces
25. I Love the Utes! GO UTES!!

I tag Sherilyn, Angie, Amber Tingey, Candace, Liz Carr, Heather Carr,Michele Betancourt, Dedra Tregaskis, Ranae Bates, Brittnee Bates, Marcele Bates, Karon May, Jessica Dowden, Brandi Davis, Ardy Evans, Marlene, Missy Riffle, Rachel Teran, Rachel Morley, Anneliesa, Nicole Lundberg,and any other friends that are interested :)