Thursday, February 19, 2009

Uncoventional Valentines Day

So Paul and I definitely did not do or have a normal Valentines Day! I stayed at home in the morning and did a bunch of laundry and cleaned my house which made me very happy. while I was doing this Paul was at our friend's house working on car that has had a few problems lately. Through the past month he has changed the strut on the drivers side, and then the bearing and hub on the drivers side as well. He finished up with replacing the bearings and hub on the passengers side. He know has the strut left on the passengers side to do but we are waiting for warmer weather and some time to save money for the rest of the parts to do this change. Anyways that night when he got home I got to go to work until 8:00 and then we picked up my grandma and went to eat out at Olympus Burgers. it is was some good food.In the end although my Valentines was not a traditional one I enjoyed it. Besides Paul and I figure we will do an actual date some other time maybe this Saturday!! Oh I did get a very good gift I got a box of chocolate covered strawberries from Edible Arrangements!!
Very Very Yummy!! Thanks Honey I love you!!

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Jill said...

Sometimes the unconventional can be refreshing, eh? Those strawberries look fabulous. YUM!