Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wow Five!

So I have a five year old now it's official. Lily turned five on May 21st and she had a swimming party and loved it. Also right before her birthday she graduated from preschool and is ready to move on to kindergarten in the fall.

I can't believe I will have one in school! Crazy!! She is so much fun though she likes to talk about her pretty hair and how she is a big girl and she knows her letters. She also finally knows that her parents are married. A few months back some people in our old ward thought Paul and I had just gotten married because that is what Lily told them!! It was quite funny and the couple were embarrassed that they didn't know that we had been married for almost seven years! here are some pictures from her birthday!!

So our friend Steve with the funny face in the picture above made Lily's cake for her she was very excited when she saw it. It turned out great and it was just the right amount of cake for the guests.

So these following pictures are from the family party and our gang of PIRATES!! Love the costumes aren't they all so cute!!

Things are definitely getting busier around our house!!!