Sunday, April 19, 2009


This year Easter was pretty low key we got the girls new dresses and a new movie each. So they woke up to see that. Then later that day we went to my in-laws and had an Easter egg hunt for them it was just Brooklyn and Lily this year tat he house as the Kinikini's were in St. George. Lily had a blast though she was so excited about the eggs. Brooklyn liked the eggs though she was happy once she had one until she figured out there was candy in them, then she wanted more eggs for the candy. It was pretty funny. It was a good day and at the end we talked with Lily about what we remember on Easter day, The Lord's atonement for us. I hope everyone else had a good Easter.


So I have to say that in these difficult times I feel very blessed to have my job especially because I just received a promotion to Supervisor at my job in the Life Cafe. I had my last day at the child center this week which is bittersweet. i will really miss the kids that I have watched and played with for two years as well a s the teachers. I am grateful for the experiences that the child center provided me but I am grateful for the opportunity to be a supervisor and show that I can excel at it.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Brooklyn's first steps!

So early last week Brooklyn took her first steps. she started out by realizing she could stand up on her own without holding anything and she spent about twenty minutes just going up and down. I tried to find my camera to get a video but I didn't find it until after she was done. After that though she ended up taking two steps towards her dad. Since then she has done it few other times but the most steps she has taken is about two. It is just fun that she is starting :0 While she has been working at this she has also gotten better at climbing. last Tuesday or Wednesday I got home from work and Paul told me that Brooklyn had climbed up the ladder on the bunk bed and had made it to the top bed and was playing on it :0 I couldn't believe it she is definitely a climber she also climbs up into the walker at her grandma and grandpa Teran's. She is trying to figure out how to climb up other things as well or climb out of them what ever the case may be! I believe she is definitely going to be keeping my on my toes! She is so much fun and I love her.


So if you haven't noticed it has been awhile since I have been on here. I have been working alot and when I have not been working Paul and I have been packing up items in our house, as we are trying to get it ready to put it up for sale! At work everything is going pretty well for me I just received a promotion at the cafe I am now a supervisor. I enjoy it I am the night supervisor so it is hard sometimes but it is good to know that they value my work.
Also as I said Paul and I have been packing up items from our condo and been taking them over to the in-laws. Paul and I are hoping to have everything packed up and out by another week or two and get the painting done and have it officially up for sale!
These are the main things that have been going on in my life. I am looking forward to Easter this week. It should be a nice day!