Monday, July 7, 2008

Brooklyn Update

So my little one is starting to be not so little. Brooklyn is almost six months old now. She can hold her own bottle and she eats solids now. We have only given her veggies and cereal. She love squash, sweet potatoes, and carrots. Though she is starting to like the green veggies more. She has also started to get some teeth she has three that are beginning to poke out form the gums though none of them have totally broken through yet! She loves to make noises and has even figured out how to blow raspberries! She loves when you talk to her and will almost always smile. She can roll over form her back to her tummy and vice versa though she prefers to be on her back or hr side. When she is on her tummy she has started to try and figure out how to move her self she can get her legs moving but not her arms yet. She is so fun to watch. She loves being in her exersaucer and loves to grab at toys or anything in front of her! It will be alot of fun to watch the next few weeks!

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Dedra said...

she is so cute. it just keeps getting more and more fun! Abi is almost 10 months and she is getting close to walking. it is crazy!