Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lily Update

 So these are just some of the items that have been going on with Lily the past few months. First off I have to say Yeah!! Lily is now potty trained. She started back in about April. She does pretty  well  though every now and then she does have an accident. Though she has stayed dry overnight since she started potty training which is great! Lily has also embraced being a big sister She loves to talk to Brooklyn and bring her toys and she likes to help out as much as she can. Her favorite thing to help with right now is helping to feed Brooklyn she wants to hold the bottle or try to feed her with a spoon. Lily also loves to be as independent as possible most of the time. If she is tired then she likes to have help otherwise she likes to try to get things out and do them for herself. Some of her favorite things to do is to read books, color and go for walks. She also likes to try out her trike and she loves to visit the park. This summer she has visited the aquarium and she has gone swimming at my uncle's. She has also played miniature golf up at Cherry Hills and in a few weeks we will going to Lagoon for our stake lagoon day. Near the end of the summer we hope to get Lily in for swimming lessons and have her start up preschool! That is where Lily is at. 

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Dedra said...

potty training is huge! way to go Lily! i can't wait for her age.