Sunday, August 15, 2010

summer fun!

So we have had a pretty busy summer so far. We have gone to wheeler farm, this is the place, the zoo a couple of times, numerous parks, a few play dates with friends, swimming a couple of times, and we have made it to a few baseball games as well. This would be why I don't have too many posts so far this summer but here are some pictures from the different things we have done! oh we have also gone camping a few times as well!

So it was really fun at This is the place the girls got to dig for gold go on a train ride and they each got their first pony ride. Which Lily loved and Brooklyn liked until the pony started to move and she started to slide off the saddle so the worker got over there to straighten her up and she just grabbed hold of him and got herself off the horse! Karson went crazy and got put in a straight jacket! It was great day!!

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