Monday, April 12, 2010


So even though it was a little cooler this year Easter was a lot of fun. Brooklyn really understood Easter this year and went right for the eggs and did not even want to wait to open the eggs! :) Lily loved running around with Kenna to find the eggs and she was most excited to find the treats inside the eggs! though we decided to have a family home evening on the meaning of Easter because if you ask Lily what Easter is about it is about the eggs! The Easter bunny also brought both girls an Easter basket with some small toys and they got a movie to share!

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MissGlimpseBlogSpot said...

Hi April! We would love to see you Paul and the girls. Do you want to do a game night up here?
You are cute to remember my 5 days are up My news was a new calling:) I am teaching Relief Society! That is my very most favorite calling in the whole world!
I am loving the new play the cast is awesome and it is a favorite play of mine:) Check your calendar for some dates that would work in June when the play is over:)
Kelsie told me you are getting ready for a new place CONGRATS!