Sunday, April 6, 2008

Oh that Lily!!

Today when we left to go over to grandma's house to watch conference. Lily is in the car and
we have the following conversation
Lily says " I love grandma"
Paul says " Oh that's good why do you love grandma?"
Lily says "Because Jesus is little"
Paul's response " Okay"
Lily says " Jesus loves grandma cause he knows her"
Paul says "Yep he loves and knows all of us"
Lily responds with " Yep he loves you, me, and Brooklyn"
Paul laughs as he notes she left out that Jesus loves mommy :0
Then Lily ended by laughing and saying "He loves all of us"
It was a fun conversation and it helped me realize that Lily knows and understands somethings better than I realize even if she says it in a funny or weird way.

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