Friday, April 18, 2008

Houston Zoo

Well it is better late than never to finish posting from our trip to Texas. We went and visited the Houston Zoo on Tuesday. I had never actually been there before even though I lived in Texas for several years. It is a pretty nice zoo and it is pretty large and they are in the process of expanding it. My parents got a kick out of how much Lily loved the zoo and how she was most enthusiastic about the monkey and reptile exhibit. My dad was laughing really hard when Lily was bouncing up and down and cheering in the reptile exhibit whenever she found another snake to look at. He asked us why she likes snakes so much and we told him we are not sure why but we are interested to see if she continues to like them. Lily also had a fun time at lunch feeding the birds that were hanging around it was pretty funny because while her and Paul left their seats to go feed the birds another bird came over to the table and pecked at Lily's food that she left. It was beautiful weather and Brooklyn even manged to stay awake for most of the zoo visit. She seemed to enjoy looking around at everything around her. Though her cousin Alex at the same time manged to sleep for most of the time at the zoo. It is okay I think my twin Chandra still enjoyed it as she had a lot of fun with Lily. Here are some pictures hope you enjoy.

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Angie Maynes said...

I can't believe how big Brooklyn is! I love the zoo. Glad you guys had fun.