Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hurricane Ike

As most of you know my family is from Texas they live in a city called Pearland that is in between Galveston and Houston. So this past week on Friday they evacuated their homes and went to San Marcos which is near San Antonio. They are staying with my brother in laws brother who has been gracious enough to open his home to my sister, my brother in law my nephew and my mother. My father is on a business trip in Indiana and as of today he has been evacuated from his hotel as there is flooding from Ike all the way up there. My mother has had a very hard time with not having my dad there as well as when they got to San Marcos they realized that they had left my mothers clothes back at her house so yesterday she went to a few stores to get herself enough clothes to get through the next few days! My dogs are doing okay they have to put food in their hands to get my one dog Queenie to eat and their other dog Mac had not eaten at since they left. My mom's work as far as she knows only received some wind damage it is the VA hospital downtown. My twin's work however is under water as she worked at the photo studio in Kemah Texas. After talking to my family on the phone I just needed to get on and say how grateful I am to my heavenly Father for my family being safe. I know that whatever they face when they get back tot heir homes that it will be okay because they are all alive and fine and have one another. As Paul pointed out to my mom you can't replace people but you can replace things. For any of you who joined in praying for my family I thank you and I will keep you updated. if any are interested in seeing pictures/video of the damage here is a link From the main page you can see video and damage assessment reports.


Liz said...

Wow! I hope the house and everything is okay. I am glad they evacuated, instead of trying to weather the storm. We had super strong winds yesterday all the way here in Ohio!

marlene said...

I am so glad that all is well with your family - scary stuff!