Sunday, September 14, 2008

A house of order

Early in this dispensation, the Lord instructed his people to “organize yourselves; … establish a house, even … a house of order, a house of God” (D&C 88:119). Order is characteristic of the Lord’s work. “Mine house is a house of order, saith the Lord God, and not a house of confusion” (D&C 132:8).

Well this weekend I have been buoyed up with peace and strength as it has been our Stake Conference so on Friday I attended the temple which brought much peace to my heart about where i am at in life and about my family's situation in Texas. During our chapel meeting our president spoke about if you want more peace in your life that you should attend the Temple more and I am here to say that it is very true just being in the Temple brings much peace to your heart. Before we got to the Temple on Friday I was very worried and stressed out about my family in Texas the instant we got in the temple I started to be filled with peace and the love in my heart just radiated out from me as I sat and listened to our Stake president speak to us. Once in the session I was just ready to be enveloped by the spirit and I was. The gospel is amazing and I am truly grateful for the blessings of the temple. I am especially grateful and humbled to know that as I strive to stay on the path of righteousness that I can one day be with my family for all of eternity. I was also lifted up because I have an older sister who is not sealed to us and one of the talks in our chapel meeting was about a mother who was worried about that her daughter was going to leave the church because she was in love with a non member so she went to to the temple to get some guidance on it. The thought kept coming to her to tell her daughter how sad she was that she would be sad when she was not there to be sealed to her father and mother. The mother kept dismissing it because her husband was not a member. She left the temple feeling like she had not really received an answer well the next day she was talking to her daughter and she heard herself saying the thought that had come to her in the temple well the next few days her daughter broke it off with the guy and then a little time later her husband did take the discussions and joined the church and the family was sealed together. This story really struck with me because I am sealed to my parents and so is my twin but my older sister is not so that gave me hope that if we continue to pray for it and do what we are suppose to do that one day we can have her be sealed to us. The other talk that resonated with me was from today. Our stake conference was broadcast from the conference center. The talk y was President Monson's about establishing your house to be a house of order, a house of prayer, a house of fasting, a house of glory, a house of faith, a house of learning,and a house of God. He broke down each one and gave some ideas of how to establish them in your own home. The thought that came out alot in all of them was to be constant in all of your doings and to really look to the Holy Ghost for guidance as well as the scriptures. He started and ended by reminding us that the gospel is a a gospel of love. I am always grateful to listen to our prophet and am always uplifted by him. He truly is our prophet and is led by God. I am excited to hear from him again in October for general conference. I love this church and I would like to share my testimony that I know it is true I know that we have a prophet in these latter days. I know that the Lord never forgets us and is always there for us it is up to us to look towards him. I also know that the scriptures are true and that as well look towards them and ponder them that we will be blessed and that we will grow in our knowledge of the gospel. I love my Heavenly Father and my family and I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

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marlene said...

Those are the kind of days that keep me going - there is no better way to become motivated to stay on track :) It is in those moments, when I am enveloped by the Spirit, that I feel the most gratitude for what I have and the great desire to do better. Thanks for the post :)