Sunday, March 16, 2008

What a great day!

This is a great title for today because alot of good things happened today. Our Uncle Dwayne was set apart as a bishop this morning to start out the day and then in the afternoon Brooklyn was blessed. Brooklyn's blessing was very nice and her dad did a wonderful job. I was glad that we could share our joy of this event with family and friends. I am also grateful that Paul's dad, brother Alex, and brother-in-law, Karson were able to join him in the circle. The good day did not stop there because our family and friends joined us afterwards at Paul's parents for food, conversation, and games. As we were heading to the celebration I found out that my twin Chandra had her baby today at 3:53 Texas time. She had a baby boy, 8lbs 2oz, with a head full of curly black hair or so I was told. As soon as I get pictures I will post them. Enjoy these pictures from todays festivities though can you tell in the first one that neither girl really wants to be taking a picture?!


MissGlimpseBlogSpot said...

It was really fun to hold the baby, she is a cutie and Lily is a big bunch of energy! Glad you had such a wonderful day. We love you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi April! This is Alicia, I found your blog through your facebook. I can't believe that chandra's baby was born on march 16th! that's my daughter's birthday too, only she was born in 2007! This is so awesome to read about your life! I have wanted to get in contact with you guys for awhile but didnt know how!! I have some great memories with you two!