Monday, March 24, 2008


It was a good day. Lily woke up in the morning and beat us downstairs and opened her Easter eggs before we got there to take pictures she then was very excited to show Brooklyn everything that was in both Easter baskets. Then when we got to Grandma and Grandpa's she was so excited for the Easter egg she whacked herself in the head with her Easter basket and gave herself a cut and a bruise on her forehead. Though she recovered fast enough to be fine for the egg hunt. It was alot of fun to watch her get the eggs, she was excited every time she found one. She was most excited about when she found an egg and opened it and found that it had a dollar bill inside of it. Then later in the evening we were celebrating Rachel's birthday(my soon to be sister in law) and Lily decided to help her blow out her candles. It was a good day but I was tired at the end of it just to think by next Easter Brooklyn will be one and we will have a new niece or nephew. Well Happy Easter!


Angie Maynes said...

Welcome to blogging! looks like easter was great fun. I love the egg hunts.

Ranae and Matt said...

SO fun. I love the band aid. Glad your a blogger now and we get to see your cute girls. keep it up.