Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lily and Brooklyn

What can I Say about my girls? Well for one thing they sure keep me busy. If I am not feeding or playing with Brooklyn then I am playing with or cleaning up a mess that Lily has made. I love being a mom though. I especially love to watch how my girls continually change and grow. I can't beleive Brooklynn is already getting blessed tommorow. I also think it is crazy that Lily will soon be three. I love watching Lily learn. My favorite thing that Lily does is that she likes to make up songs. Like today we were at Grandma's house preparing some stuff for the blessing tommorow and Lily wanted to watch a show. We told her no she went to the piano started playing and singing a song about when she asks to watch a show it needs to be put on so she can watch it. It was really funny listening to her. She is a character.

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