Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wheeler Farm!!

so i only got to see to see the pictures and hear Lily's retelling of going to wheeler farm but the pictures sure are cute as was Lily's story!! Grandma and grandpa took all their grandchildren i know amazing and crazy at the same time that they had all six of them and survived to tell the tale!:) By the way thank you for taking the girls that had a blast! anyways Lily was excited about it she told me all about how she got to have a picnic and that she played in water which is really a little stream. She also told me about how she got to see several animals like a cow and ducks and pigs. She was telling me that there was a duck standing on some cow poo :0 Then she proceeded to laugh !! OH but here are some of the pictures that they were able to get!! I think I will have to take the girls over again some time as well as taking them to the zoo!!

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