Thursday, June 25, 2009


So I just have to blog about this cute little girl. she is so funny and stubborn!! She won't use sign language or words to say what she wants instead she points and makes noise or screams depending on how urgent she wants it. though sometimes when she is hungry she will just lift up her shirt and point or look down at her tummy :) she is very funny. She also likes to try and do everything that her big sis does. which is not always a good thing. She likes to try to climb everything and anything. She did figure out how to climb the ladder on the bunk bed so it is now down. She tried to climb out of her crib but her legs are so small that she just slips and can't get he leverage to pull herself up, but oh does she try hard. She also loves to carry around little stuffed animals or babies. She smiles at them and gives them hugs. Another thing that she likes to do is sit down with a book look at a few pages and then throw it down! Here are some pictures of one of her other favorite items to do she loves to get into little holes, cubbies, cabinets and sit there and look out or just play. Though she really just likes to throw things as she does that when she is done eating she will start to throw her food off the table! There always seems to be a mess following this little girl!! Oh but the best is when she throws a tantrum she throws herself down on the floor juts out her lower lip pushes herself backward while making noises!! I have yet to catch her doing this on video as every time I grab the camera to get it she sees the camera and promptly stops doing it!! Oh the personality!! Truly though I just laugh and smile most of the time, though every so often I just want to pull at my hair!! Oh I look forward to seeing her grow up!!

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