Sunday, October 5, 2008

Just some thoughts!!

I have to say life is pretty calm for me right now. Work is going okay and Paul's work is going well. My family in Texas are finishing clean up from Hurricane Ike but they are all healthy. My girls are doing great and seem to be learning and growing every day. Lily keeps me on my toes for sure she is very curious and she is also bossy she likes to take things she has heard adults say and try to tell me that I have to do so and so or I lose my food for the day. Needless to say we are working with her on manners and helping her to realize she can't boss people around!! She has of late decided she wants to hold Brooklyn or try to carry her around I am grateful that it started now when Brooklyn is a little bigger but I am still working with her to know that hse can't carry Brooklyn around the house. I just needed to get on and say I am happy with my life and my family! I know that is a boring for some to hear but Oh well!!

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