Monday, October 13, 2008

I want an envelope!!

So Paul related this story to me the other night as I was at work!! He said he was at his mom's house and they were preparing dinner Lily was excited for the noodles and Paul's mom was cutting up some cantaloupe. Well he said Lily was asking for noodles and then she started to say she wanted an envelope. Well she kept asking for an envelope and Paul and his mom were not sure what Lily was really asking for until she put the cantaloupe on the table and Lily pointed at it and said I want an envelope!! They were cracking up laughing I just wish I was there to see it!!

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mt said...

hi april, that is addorable. This is Megan Tawater if you read this comment. Im going to leave my email here if you could please write to it with your number i really need to talk to you. Thank you