Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lily's party!!

Yesterday was Lily's birthday party. her party was a pool and pizza party at my work. It was a success as Lily put it she also said it was cool and fun!Her friends all seemed to concur as they ran around and giggled and laughed :) I thought it was nice to just enjoy the party and swim and eat with the kids. Oh I have not seen Lily enjoy the water so much as she did yesterday it was nice to see her let lose and just enjoy the day. It was also alot of fun because Lily remembered it was her party and was so excited about turning four. She has been telling everyone that she sees that she is a big girl and that she is four!! She was opening one of her presents which had a notebook in it and she lifted it out and said " Oh that 's pretty it is for my purse!" It was just so cute. She says funny things all of the time she was excited about her gifts and she even remembered to say "Thank You" to everyone this year! Here is to the next year of Lily growing and learning and being her fun silly self!!

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