Sunday, May 31, 2009

Busy May

So this month has flown bye and I can't believe it is almost over!! So at the beginning of the month I had a good mother's day. It was a relaxing one that I just got to enjoy it and not have to do anything. I was also very busy with work and Paul and I got in a new sink in our condo and we are finally able to to start the painting!!Here is a picture of the old sink and then the new sink.

On memorial day weekend we went camping down near Price in a cousin's cabin. It was alot of fun even with the rain :) I got to read and I got to play games. I also learned how to make a necklace and a bracelet which has amazed my friends when they have seen them and asked where I bought them. well it has been fun to see their reactions when I tell them that I made them!! Lily stayed on Monday with Paul's parents and got to play outside all day with them she looked like she had a lot of fun on the zip line and just climbing I am glad that she got to stay and experience the fun outside stuff that the cabin had to offer!! Here are some pictures enjoy!!

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Angie Maynes said...

Thanks for letting Lily stay. She had a blast and it was fun for the kids to have her there.