Saturday, December 6, 2008


So it is a little late coming but that is what happens when one uses others Internet to do her blogging:) Thanksgiving was a great day! It was a busy day for me but a good one. i got to share in others joys at work and I made some good tips!! I was also able to make it to Annette's house without having to wait a long time for the food which is always nice. My loving great husband came to my work and helped me finish cleaning so I would not be there for a long time thanks hon! :) I also had the chance to reflect on what I am grateful for this year. So here is what I am grateful for ( in no particular order):

1) My husband who is great and very handsome. He helps with the house work and he
does the cooking and is is a wonderful father to our two beautiful girls. I really couldn't ask for more except for maybe a little more patience !!

2) My two beautiful girls who bring joy and peace into my life. It is so fun to watch them grow up and to see them playing together more.

3) During these difficult financial times for many I am grateful to have my job that helps pays the bills. I am grateful for bosses who try to give me as many hours as they can.

4) I am also grateful for all of my family and all of their support that I receive from them. I know that at any time my family is always there for me and will always love me :0

5) I am also very grateful for the gospel and church. I am grateful for how they ground me and give me spiritual peace. I am grateful to know what a loving heavenly father I have and to know that if I work hard that I can be with again someday as well as with my family for eternity!

I could add alot more to this list but this is where I will end by saying I hope everyone had a Good Thanksgiving and that you were able to spend it with loved ones!!

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