Sunday, December 28, 2008


Wow another Christmas has gone by! My Christmas was very good this year because I got to be with my whole family, which we have not been together for Christmas in 14 years or since my older sister Christina was 18 years old. It was great to see the grandkids on that side opening presents together. There are my two girls Brooklyn and Lily , my older sister's son Duncan who is six, and my twin's little boy, Alex, who is 9 months old. Brooklyn slept through the present opening and then when she was awake she was not interested in opening her gifts at all she just wanted to play with the wrapping paper. My little newphew Alex was just interested in playing with the toys.
Duncan and Lily though both loved opening presents. Lily did a little dance every time she opened clothes. She is definitely a girl!!

I really just enjoyed being with family this Christmas. It was a kick to watch my parents just enjoying their grand children.

I also enjoyed seeing the lights at Temple Square. When looking to next year I hope my family members that have had hard times this year will have a better year next year. I also look forward to seeing my kids grow and discover more things next year as Brooklyn will turn one and as Lily will start Preschool in the fall!

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Live learn laugh said...

I am glad you could enjoy your family. We love having all of our family near by so I know that this meant a lot to you.