Sunday, November 9, 2008


So I know it is a little late being posted but what can I say other than I am fashionably late! Halloween was so much fun this year. My sister in law invited us to come up to Kaysville and trick or treat in their neighborhood and enjoy some dinner with them. It was great and it was so much fun to see so many kids and costumes. I have to say their neighborhood is very friendly and Lily had a blast trick or treating with Kenna, Kelsie, and Kaden. I had fun taking Brooklyn around she made an adorable baby chick and actually had some meat on her!! The pictures speak for themselves! Happy belated Halloween to everyone. I hope you all got some tricks with your treats!!


Betancourt Family said...

TOO CUTE!! Did thoes leggings come with the costume? Love the pics Ape. The girls are getting So big!

MT said...

they were so cute! they are getting so big april.

Dedra said...

Brooklyn is so cute in that chick costume. I love it!