Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend!

Yeah for Memorial Day weekend and time off of work! Paul and I went up and visited the campers this year even though we did not stay overnight. We did not have a tent as ours has a hole in it and Brooklyn has been sick this week so we thought it was best to keep her at home. It was still fun to go up in the mountains and take in the scenery and fresh air. We went up on Saturday and Sunday. When we went up on Sunday we brought Lily's bag of stuff to stay the night and when we left we said goodbye to her and she was all happy and told us she would see us tomorrow. Well about twenty five minutes after we left we got a phone call from Lily wondering if she could come home. we were told that she had asked to sit on daddy's lap and when she was told we were not there she started to cry. Uncle Mike was nice enough to drive her down to our place on his way home ( thank for the rest of you who offered to drive her as well) It was funny though when Mike got to our place he said she was talking about monsters and how they got her family and that she was sorry that her family got lost. she is a cutie!

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