Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Car Problems

First off I have to remind everyone that Paul and I only have one car. So now our one car is in the shop because Paul got rear ended on Saturday. So I turned the car into the body shop on Monday and went to go pick up the rental car it took them two hours to give me the rental and then at the last second they gave me a minivan instead of a car which was fine because they did not increase the price. So late that night we have issues with the van and Paul ends up turning it in on Tuesday for a new vehicle. We got a Mazda 5 which I really enjoy driving. Though today when we woke up the back tire was flat and so then I went out and tried for an hour and a half to get it fixed and finally paid for it myself because the rental place was giving me and the tire place the run around and Lily was grumpy and Brooklyn was tired at this point and I did not want to wait around for another hour or two while the tire place was waiting for approval. Needless to say I have not had a good time with cars the past couple of days.


Brittnee said...

Wow I am sorry to hear about that. Car problems are the worst! I hope you have better luck!

Betancourt Family said...

BOOOOO!!! Rental cars are the worst!!! At least that's what I think.