Thursday, August 20, 2009


So this post is a little late coming but it made it on finally!! What I am referring to is our family camping trip over the 24th of July!! We went up to Wasatch Mt.State Park along with the Kinikini klan and the Teran Klan. it was a lot of fun and we got pretty nice weather. Though Paul did rip our tent the first day while putting it up, though it was along the stitching so it can be fixed.The girls loved it they loved being able to run around outside and just dig and play int he dirt though Brooklyn really never got the point to not go in the road where cars would drive around the camp sites!The girls also got to got to Deer Creek for a day of swimming. Brooklyn went right for the water while Lily went straight out of the water!!:) Brooklyn is definitely my water bug and holds no fear just stubbornness for you trying to help her!:)She even liked the small creek by the campsite that she sat straight down in with all her clothes on!!

Though we did discover that Lily likes devices that make her float as she feels safer when she floats or sos she says!!

Here are a few more pictures of the fun!!


Beau and Candace said...

How fun!! We haven't gone camping this year yet, and soon it will be too late. I can't believe how big Brooklyn is, the last time I saw her, she was only a couple of months old. Crazy how time flies!!

April said...

we have gone camping twice so far it has been alot of fun.!! I know when i saw pictures of your boys they are getting pretty big as well!!

Live learn laugh said...

We did have a fun time!