Sunday, March 22, 2009


Well I am definitely ready for spring and spring cleaning. Paul and I have started to clean and declutter our home so right now it is a mess but soon it will be nice and clean and decluttered. We also went and bought some flowers this past weekend and planted them in our garden. I will take some pictures and get them posted. This is what I wish my garden looked like but we don't quite have this many flowers. I have to say that my favorite thing about spring is the warmer weather and the colors of the blooming flowers it is beautiful to see the brown and gold turn into green and vibrant colors of the flowers.  What do you like about spring?


marlene said...

cute blog background! my favorite thing about spring is that i can finally let the kids go free...outside!

Live learn laugh said...

My favorite part of spring is the return of color and sunshine even if it is cold sunshine!

Dedra said...

i was going to what a nice garden patch! :)