Sunday, January 25, 2009


So I have been tagged by my friend Candace about ten things that bug me! So here they are

1. I do not like when your driving and people wait till the end to get over to the exit lane or turn lane and cut you off to do it. Be courteous!!

2. It bugs me when people give me that look when I am at the store with my girls and they are being loud or throwing a tantrum and I am trying to get them to calm down but the look says wow you need to control your kids I am doing the best that I can!!

3. It drives me crazy at work when I am having to work with one of the high school kids in the cafe and they just stand there and talk to their friends or just stand there and watch while you are cleaning and serving the customers. you are not getting paid to do nothing!

4. It bugs me when people cut into a line any line when you have been waiting and being courteous but they had a friend save their spot for them while they were doing something else.

5. What really bugs me is people not using their blinker lights at all and just switching lanes or turning and cutting you off to do it while ignoring the fact that you have your blinker light on to come over or to turn.

6. I also get bugged when I am talking to Paul trying to share my opinion and he will be like no but or that's not right. Just let me share my opinion!! :)

7. I hate when at the last minute people ask me to cover their shift at one of my jobs and I do it because of needing hours but when I try to get the favor returned they can't do it!!

8. It bugs me when people will see me with my two girls and will come over and say oh they are so cute you must be done having kids. I appreciate the compliment of my girls being cute but not the assumption that I am done having kids because I have two.

9. It bugs me that I don't seem to have enough time in the day to do everything that I want to do.

Well I was suppose to do ten of these but for now these are the only things that I can think of that bug me. I am going to tag Marlene, Missy, Dedra, Michelle, and Megan.

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Beau and Candace said...

Those things bug me too! I think maybe to many things bug me. That's probably not a good thing.